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      So I filed a dispute because it has been 45 days since I’ve paid my*CO credit card that had a judgement and my credit report never updated the status of the*CO nor the judgement, but the balance of the CO was changed to show receipt of payment, however the judgement was not.
      I submitted an Investigation form that TU provides, requesting MOV on the accounts and providing documentation supporting the balance was paid in full and judgement was satisfied 45 days prior. Is this valid MOV? anyone ever used their form?
      I also called EQ and got a fax to send MOV to, faxed over the items that werent updated and supporting documents. Requesting how they could verify the same debt info, yet report two different amounts?
      Should I take any other action for now, or will this suffice for MOV?
      They are only required to update the information right? If they didnt do a proper investigation do I have a chance of them deleting?

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