In the state of Texas is the landlord responsible for my possessions being stolen?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Home Insurance In the state of Texas is the landlord responsible for my possessions being stolen?

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    I have lived here for 3 years and this has been taken place ever since. I notified them that ever time I came home to find my door unlocked. And that I heard some one walking around in the attic of the one store apartment. They informed me that there was know way any one could be entering by way of my attic hole. I never leave my door unlocked! And I know what I heard. I went out of state for a week and came home to find the door unlocked and my valuables were gone. The police came and found blood on my wall by the front door, foot prints and glove prints in the attic in Oct. 06. They took pictures and found how they gained entery two doors down. The Detective talk to the maneger and she pointed to a sign saying they are not responceable for lose of property due to fire, water damage, theft. He came back and told me want was said aand told me that paper only holds up if they entery from my windows or doors. Which they did not.
    Theeir are 4 apartments conectaed. The police went in to the attic and told me that there are supsoed to be double fire walls between each one. And add that these apartment are not up to code. I don’t have the funds for renters insurance. Yes I did call the police. I wan’t nothing more than to move but the lack of funds and a car or truck I can not.
    The apartment they entered from is two doors down. The police told me that they went in to the attic(which we are not to enter) and knocked a hole in the single layer of dry wall with their hands. It was obvious that they made several trips with tools to cut out holes in the other firer wall.

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