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    I sent out PFD letters to 7 CA (4-me/3-Hubs).
    Out of 7, I’ve only heard back from 2:
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sans-serif]1. *Payliance-They have no idea who I am, and can’t find any information based on the partial account #s provided from my credit report. *If I forwarded this letter to the CRAs, would they have to delete the items?[/FONT]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sans-serif]2. *Southeast Financial- *This was an old medical collection of my husband’s. *It’s for $80. *I simply asked for a PFD, instead, the OC sent us a letter stating that the CA says that we dispute the information (which we didn’t). *The OC included a cocpy of my husband’s bill AND new patient information sheet. *There has been NO MENTION of deleting if we pay. *What should I do next?[/FONT]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sans-serif]3. *Alliance Collection Service- This is a medical collection of mine. *2 actually–totaling $144. *I mailed a PFD only, there has been no response to me, however, all 3 CR have been updated w/”consumer disputes account information.” *I haven’t disputed this either. *Can they update CRs w/o there actually being a dispute?[/FONT]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sans-serif]As always, any advice is appreciated.[/FONT]

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