I'm in a pickle and cant seem to find my way out?

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    I am 23 years old and pregnant. My husband and I are trying to move into an apartment that is bigger for when the baby comes. I also really want to go back to school. Sounds simple? Not so much. My credit is horrible and I cannot get a loan for school because I haven’t paid off my first student loan. I messed up when I turned 18 and now I am paying for it…. literally. I have a credit score of 523. I am paying off (in small but sure monthly payments) the debts on my credit report. But until I get it all paid my credit score will not budge. We really need some help but I cannot find out where to get it. Does anyone know of any place that would help me get back on track?? I guess my biggest concern is getting an apartment that is bigger. There is no way we will all be able to fit in this place. I am so worried and I don’t want to bring a child into this mess.PLEASE don’t tell me what I already know… I know I have screwed up and I don’t need your smart remarks. Please if you have some advice that is positive just let me know.

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