If you return a car to a dealer– can you go out n buy another? Would your credit score show the &#0

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    LOL So we bought brand new car on June 30. On July 15 the dealership calls and says that they need us to come sign a new contract. After asking a lot of questions: They messed up our Payment Due Date, therefore Nissan rejected the application. So they need to get paid by Nissan, and we want something in return from their mess up. BUT If for some reason we do not sign the paper and they take the car back– can we go to another Nissan dealership and buy the same car for a better deal?

    I want our dealer to make us a better deal. But I want to know if I have any leverage in saying that I will just buy the car from another place. Will they laugh and say that there’s no way you’ll get financing again this early?

    When you apply for a car loan- don’t you have only 7 days to find a car or else your credit just gets hit, making it harder to apply for a loan. Does any of this make sense? I know this is an unusual situation, but before I go in a sign a NEW Contract I’d like to be well informed.

    Can I just ask them to start our contract over? Which in turn would let us re-negotiate the price? Or..?? Can I at least ask for window tinting?? lol I would love to use their mistake to our advantage…since I’m not very happy with the deal we got.
    We are approved through financing. So part of the ‘deal’ to buying the car is that they said they could push our payment out 60 days. (I’m a teacher and that is when I get my next paycheck). Now Nissan rejected the app because they will only authorize payment extensions up to 45 days. Finance Mgr at dealership told me “This isn’t you against Nissan, it’s us against Nissan, and they won’t pay us until we submit the correct contract.” He then followed it by suggesting I only tell my husband that we have to sign a new contract and not mention the change in 1st payment. Bad Business = telling wife to not tell her husband the whole truth.

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