I would like to know how you can find out if a work at home business as an Account Manager is legit

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Debt Management I would like to know how you can find out if a work at home business as an Account Manager is legit

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      Here is a copy of the email sent to me regarding this business.

      Hello ,
      We received your e-mail and it is good to read from you and your interest in our job offer. My name is Mr Willie Goff, i am the Employment Manager of H&S FINANCE COMPANY INC. Lets give you more details.H&S FINANCE COMPANY INC is a fully integrated global financial services business, listed on the American /Australin Stock Exchange (AASX:AAFG) and specialising in structured asset finance, funds management,debt and equity funding. We would like to stress that our company pays special attention to customer support of private customers, though we also have the corresponding business plans for the bigger companies as well. A more detailed information about our company may be obtained at our official Website:
      Due to the necessity for expansion of our company, we have announced some additional openings for new employees. We are glad to offer you one of the vacant positions in our company’s team – a position of the “Account manager” You will have the responsibility for the following duties:
      1. Receive payment in form of Cheques from our Clients in United States
      2. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on payment processed
      3. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to(Payment is to be forwarded via Western
      Union Money Transfer).
      10% from each transaction! For instance: you receive $ 3000 on our behalf. You will withdraw the money and keep $ 300 (10%from $ 300! 0) for y ourself
      You do not have to go out of your convenience as you will work as an independent contractor right from your home/office. Your job is absolutely legal.You can earn up to $ 3000-4000 monthly depending on time you spend on this job. You do not need any capital to start.You can do the work easily without leaving or affecting your present job. The employees who make efforts and work hard have a strong possibility to become managers.Anyway our employees never leave us due
      to our excellent work condition.
      The position offered is regarded to be a part-time job, so you will only need to have about 1 free hour a day to be able to work with us. You will earn a net 10% commission for every transaction you dealt with. All the travelling expenses and transfer charges are covered by our customer.
      You do not need any previous experience in finance sphere, because we will provide you with the most detailed instructions, support and advice at each stage of the responsibilities’ implementation. You may hope for the career growth within our company. Under certain circumstances you will have a chance of providing your services to major companies and VIP customers. In such a case, both your salary and your status in our company will sustain an increase. If you are interested in this business transaction please fill the APPLICATION FORM below and get back to us as soon as possible for futher processing.

      1. FirstName:
      2. LastName:
      3. ContactAddress: P.O BOX NOT ACCEPTED
      4. City:
      5. State:
      6. Zipcode:
      7. Mobilephone#:
      8. Workphone#:

      1: Do you have a job?:
      2: If yes,wha! t do you do for living?
      3: Address of working place?

      Endeavor to get back immediately with the necessary details needed,hope to hear from you asap and wishing you a nice and lovely Day.

      Mr Willie Goff (HD MANAGER)
      My next question would be then, what if they did already send me a check, I deposited it into my account and the check cleared?

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