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    I only have one collection left on equifax. Am on step three of the hippa process with it. I have gotten all other collections deleted. I have a chase card and boa card with late payments. If I am able to pay off chase I will try for a deletion once that is done. short sale is now three years old. I have a paid car loan with late payments paid off in 2010 and a current car loan with just one 30 day late. I will have twelve months clean payment history in January and will try for a mortgage. I should have a 620 middle score but will continue to shoot for a 640. I will work the next few months to continue paying down my utilization and last medical collection. I may try to goodwill suntrust on the paid off ar loan. Other then that I Think I am done trying for now. I appreciate everyones help. I currently have 611 equifax and mid 600s on transunion. I haven’t pulled it recently since having some things updated. My guess I have atleast a 620 on transunion. Keep plugging away.

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