I own a house mortgage free but have bad credit,best way to buy another home?

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      No i’m rich mofo.I’m Just Sayin’

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      refinances are very hard to come by right now especially with bad credit. If you are underwater and/or experiencing a hardship look into a loan modification

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      Im not sure what to do I bought this house bank owned turned out to be not a nice neiborhood should I sell or rent section 8? I want to move down south I am in PA now but I want to buy a house cash again I dont want a mortgage but If I have to get a morgage I plan on paying it with the rent I plan on getting it from the section 8 tenent renting my home here in PA. Where could I look to get a loan or should I take out a loan on the house I own?
      im just assuming I have bad credit unsure im guessing its around 580-600

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      Karol Pope

      You need a couple of years of rent income to get a mortgage. You also need good credit regardless.

      You should sell the house you own now and use that cash to buy. Being an out of state LL to Section 8 tenants is a TERRIBLE idea.

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      Until you improve your credit you are NOT getting a mortgage to buy a house.

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