I once had a score of 767 now its around 600s due to loan and credit card debt. how

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      do I raise it again? I always used my credit card for everything and paid the full balance every month…I did this for 2 years every month and got my credit score up to 760-780. I made some bad decisions and took out a 20k personal loan with a intrest rate of 19.99% and maxed out my credit card to $5000.

      I never missed a payment ever in my life so far but I’ve been paying the min every month on all my bills. my score last time I checked was in the 600s. i’ve been doing this for two years now. Now I’m finally making some more money and I want to pay off all my debt in about a year or so…wich is about 15k.
      My min due each month for my loan is $330
      my credit card is about $110
      I have about $900 extra a month left after paying the min every month and I would like to use it all so like this
      loan pay- $800 a month
      credit pay- $110 still intell loan is paid off and then pay $1000 a month

      If I do this how long will it be till I can get my old scores back or even high towards 800?
      once I pay off my debt I’m going to do what I did before. Just use my credit card and pay the full balance at end of month…
      note this is not I went into debt..I went into debt because of something else that occured that required me to take out a huge loan and max my credit card….that will not happen again.

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