I need help with my rights as a tenant in Az?

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      I rent a house in Arizona. I have a 12 month lease and it is only my second month there. My landlord is separated from her husband and now she wants to undress. She let me know, I have this at the end of my first month told him that I did not think it was just because they had no other reason for the request, because she wanted her back home me differently, my children moved schools, I changed jobs to be closer to home. On October 1 would not take my landlord the rent first, because she wanted me, but then adopted at the 5 her husband to check the rent, in which control of the first was outdated and was in full amout rent. (In my lease, he said the rent is due on the first of each month and a grace period of 5 days in the time after fresh starts. Fee@30.00 by Tag.Heute I get a handwritten note stateing j ‘I found 5 days. What should I do? I am a single mother and I moved jobs and schools, I have the rent in full two months since I’m here, doing nothing would have been unduly paid

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