i haven't paid the hospital bill!!!?

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    first of all: i was on holydays in USA.
    i had and emergency visit because something was wrong with my ear (when i was 6 years old i had a very complicated surgery).
    they couldn’t say much about my problems e they suggested me to go to a specialist.
    obviously i had no insurace.
    a few days later i had a bil of 500 dollars to hear them say, in a very simple and short visit : sorry but we don’t know what’s going on with your eardrum…and i replyed : of course you didn’t notice that i don’t have one.

    i didn’t pay.
    and after a few days i left usa.
    what will happend to me?
    i am italian
    what you mean when you talk about my “credit”?
    mrsdeli… i know what you mean…but i can assure you that they did not spend more than 5 minutes looking into my ear and they did not use any kind of instrument…they can’t ask of 500$ for 5 minutes of visit (of which 150 only for the physician who was a generic one).
    when you broke a leg you mut be visited by an orthopedic not a cardiologist..
    “They will likely pass the debt to an office in Italy for collections”
    very unlikely…in italy it’s free (so:no colletors) and they did not ask for any address, telephone number…

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