I have 2 banks processing my mortgage loan, how to handle it?

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      I am working with Bank Of America for mortgage loan. They initially pre-approved me and after getting the offer accepted I submitted all the documents. They told me that there wont be any problem with the loan after reviewing the documents, but suddenly after 10 days they said that my loan might not be approved. So I was suggested to seek loan from another bank. Bank of america said they will continue processing my loan because they have already started the process. Meanwhile I reached out to Chase bank for my mortgage. I submitted all the documents to chase and they have done the appraisal too. Now I have both the banks telling me that I will be qualified for the loan and they are going ahead to submit my file for underwriting. I did not tell Chase that I am still getting my loan processed by Bank of america. But BOA is giving me a better rate. How do I tell Chase that I wont be going ahead with them? Is that ok to say?

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