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      So, I started this process a month ago.* I have already received a GW from Chase and Zales!* I disputed a CA on my credit report because I paid the OC so it never should have gone to collections….it was removed.* Easy enough.
      My problem has been with PFDs.* I sent three.* One responded as if I DV’d them.* The second said they would accept my money and consider the account “paid/settled” and not delete the info.* The third hasn’t replied and it has been 24 days now.*
      Two questions:

      1. *Can I fax a PFD offer to get a quicker response or is it neceddary to send them CMRRR so they take them more serious.
      2. *Will some CAs just NOT agree to a PFD but only agree to a settlement?* I know I can GW later, but that’s not a guarantee.* I want these gone, not settled.

      What are tips to help get PFDs done quicker?

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