I applied and paid by mastercard for a website but haven’t received any backup…

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    …information, what do I do now? I chose the $4.95 per month package with $10 setup fee.
    I have no othere information to work with.
    Gilbert M. Epp
    I intend to use this website to display my written work i.e. novels, poetry.

    Gilbert M. Epp

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    I would think hurricaines skew the scale. Coastal areas get the brunt…and generally winds decrease as the storm marches inland.

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    Cat is correct, these coastal areas are high risk for wind damage from Hurricanes. Something that differentiates the coastal areas from the more inland areas in the case of a hurricane is the proximity to water, the hurricane picks up all the water on the coastline and the homes that are close tend to experience more water damage and storm surge that is still mostly covered under the windstorm policy (in some occasions it’s covered under Flood Insurance). Most private insurers won’t insure that close to the water for windstorm (some won’t even insure your hazard insurance that close to the water!) you’ll probably have to purchase your wind policy through the state’s insurer of last resort, and your rates will be high.

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    Because hurricanes are typically at their strongest – class 4 or 5 – right when they come in from the water. By the time they hit inland, they’re down to class 1 or 2, or even tropical storm strength.

    MOST insurance companies will not write a homeowners policy with wind coverage on a home within 5 miles to 20 miles of the coast.

    The wind damage from hurricanes is about 25X the wind damage from tornados.

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