how's my story so far?

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    this is chapter two so far and the story is about a girl who has autism (Iris) and her sister (linda) who both try to get thru her autism as Iris thought it wasn’t a big deal when she was little, relizing that as she gets older, people start making more and more fun of her and she gets very stressed out and angry. she learns to cope with her autism and being made fun of and finds goods things along the way with her sister. its takes place in the 60’s and early 70’s.

    October 6, 1963

    “Good morning ladies!” their father greeted while entering the kitchen, “I suppose Charlie and Wendy are still asleep.”
    “Charlie doesn’t go to pre-k until nine thirty and Wendy should be waking up in about a half an hour or less since she has school at eight thirty.” Iris said. “It’s only seven o’ five, dad.”
    “Wow, I’m impressed. I didn’t even know that.” Linda responded.
    “Good morning, Anna.” He gave his wife a quick kiss on the cheek.
    “Good Morning, Henry.” Anna said as she slipped him a few dollars; to buy a sandwich for himself at the local deli.
    “Thank you, sweetie. I’ll be home by five.”
    “Yeah, I don’t have as much work to do as I thought.”
    “That’s great, Henry. Now get out of here and bring home some bacon.”
    “Have a good day at school girls!”
    Henry gave Anna one last kiss before heading out the front door.
    “We should get going, too” Linda told Iris.
    “But I’m not done with my cereal.” Iris protested.
    “Well I suggest you scarf it down or I’m getting on the bus without you.
    Iris did what her sister commanded and gave her a glare. Linda ambled down towards the bus stop while Iris followed her in a sauntered way.
    “You know we won’t be here with each other next year.” Linda reminded her sister. “You know, I’m going to college and you have to stay here-.”
    “Yeah, I know.
    Linda looked over and saw that Iris was having trouble zippering her parka.
    “Let me help you.” She insisted.
    “No, I can do it.” Iris leaped away from her sister.
    Linda knew that wearing big fuzzy gloves wasn’t the best thing to wear while getting her zipper unstuck.
    “Let me just help you, Iris.”
    “I said I can zip it! Now get away!”
    The bus came around the corner and stopped in front of them and another girl who had seemed to just gotten there. Maybe she had been there the whole time while Iris and Linda were arguing and they just never noticed she was standing there. The girl and Linda stepped on to the bus first and Iris stumbled on last, not looking at where she was going. She looked up for a second and started walking towards her sister in the third row. As she made her way down she was tripped by a boy and all the book fell out of her bag. “Loser!” People started shouting and laughing. Linda got up and gathered all her sister’s belongings and helped her up. Iris continued down the aisle, her cheeks filled with rouge.
    “Are you ok, Iris?” Linda asked gently.
    “Do I look ok to you?” Iris snapped. “I just got tripped by a bully, laughed at by everyone on the bus, well except you and some other girl, and my zipper is still stuck!”
    “I’m sorry, Iris.”
    “Why are you sorry? You’re not the one who tripped me. You’re the only one that actually helped along with some other girl.”
    “What other girl!”
    “The one that came on the bus with us. What? You didn’t think I was paying attention?”
    “Well, you did stumble on to the bus.” Linda said as she skimmed through the seats, trying to find the girl.
    “When they arrived at the school building, Iris and Linda waited for the rest of the students to get off the bus and soon followed the third to last person.
    “I’m going to walk to class on my own. You go meet up with your other friends.” Iris reassured her sister.
    “Are you sure?”
    Iris nodded
    P.S. how should i continue chapter 2? i started to continue chapter 2 but then erased most of it cause it wasnt any good
    i know its hard. i still have A LOT of work to do on it. im only 13 and i know my writing is terrible.

    critisize me in your own way

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