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    Oliver Maloney

    Hello all, newb here.. I’m in the process of rebuilding my credit… my first step is to pay down my secured credit card to 9% util. and then submitting a GW letter to remove the three 30 day late payment remarks from my credit report after 6 months of timely payments. *After that step i would like to work on the 2 collections account on my report: ATT $959 and Cable $166. ATT spans across all 3 CRA’s and cable is only on EX.
    My first question before payng them off is regarding the Date Opened under my ATT collections account. Does that date refer to the date that my account was opened with ATT or the date that it was opened with the collections agency. *According to my collections report my ATT account was opened 08/01/2011. *In reality the account been closed since at Oct. 2010 and it was opened maybe in 2007. *So exactly what does the open date refer to.. and if its referring to the date that I opened my ATT account, is this something that I can dispute and refute with the collections agency since their reported opening date is blatantly wrong.
    Pending that answer.. whats the best way to handle paying off these acounts and then having them removed from my credit report. *Should I go through the OC or CRA. *
    Thanks in advance for any info.

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