How to get your credit score?

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    Is there anywhere you can go to get a free credit report without putting your credit card number in??

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    The only one recommended by the Federal Government is you can get your credit bureau free once a years (all three bureaus).

    If you want your score? You will have to pay for it.

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    Wow did you get spammers on here or what?? The reason they ask you to call is because the interest depends on the amount of loan vs your credit vs liability. If you have fair to good credit, I could easily see something in the vein of 4-6% on your loan, if it’s not so good, then closer to 10-15%, now if you suck real bad or you’re me then you will get a 29.9% interest rate, legally the interest cannot get any higher than the 29.9999999999%, but if you’re looking at a $ 40k car, you’re probably not in the bad credit range. Assume the worst and hope for the best. Figure it about 10-15%, if it’s less great but at least you’ll have a good idea of total cost. Also remember the cost of a car is NOT just the price tag, if you’re getting a jaguar or something, parts and repairs ARE NOT cheap! I used to do repossessions for over 12 years, and we used to repo high end cars, and if you don’t mind shelling out $ 200 if you lose your car key, (and that’s just the basic key, no remote or special functions) then you should be alright, an oil change will typically cost close $ 50-60 on higher end cars, as well as your standard maintenance.

    Figure a $ 40k car total throughout the life of the car will cost close 80k. That’s not including your fuel. I know having a new car is nice and all, but if you have a friend who is in car sales, I would ask him to take you as a guest to a dealer only auto auction, you can find sooooooo many deals there and cheap prices for hot cars.

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