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    I want to start a non-profit organization to refurbish old school buildings or old apartment buildings to make livable spaces for families that need somewhere to live while they are trying to further thier education. (either college or some type of training program).

    I have known many people who just didn’t go to any training after highschool because they couldnt afford to pay the bills, eat, & have enough time for studies afterwards. I want to beable to give them cheaper living space so they can acieve a higher level of living. (example: husband goes to college full time while wife works part-time and takes care of kids). I would charge rent at a reduced rate & that money would go back into the program.

    I just dont know how to get the start up funds to refurbish the first building. I know plenty of people who would help with the labor, but no one is able to help finacially. Any advice?

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