How to get rid of smell of meth?

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    Three years ago I stupidly rented out my condo to a person that seemed fine, and had perfect background, but turned out to be the tenant from hell. Aparently in the month that he stayed at the condo he cooked what I’m guessing to be meth (drug), and then split. After he left I cleaned the place up, and rented it out to another tenant. In the three years that the new tenant stayed there he never complained. But he has now moved out, and when I went back, I can still smell the odor. Now I am in the process of cleaning the place, and when I stay there for more then an hour my throat gets this weird scratchy feeling. What can I do? The smell is the strongest in the kitchen/dining area. Should I repaint the place, the carpets have already been washed. Any other sugestions?

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