How to became a real estate investor??

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    Hi im 19 and I live in the UK in london, I work part time and I’m really intrested in real estate investing. I would like to know how do you start in this type of investing in details, such as how much money is needed to start and how you get that money, the risks and other details. If any of you know Robert Kiyosaki he tells you the best way to earn money is in real estate in his game cashflow most of the time you get to the next level is by having real estate properties. I do not really understand how you make money by having properties can someone example me that. I do understand that when you sell your house and rent the house you make money, but how you make money by just having many properties. Can someone explain how you make money of properties?

    Can you please give me as much details as you know

    Thank you in advance

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