How soon after college can I expect to buy my own house?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Home Insurance How soon after college can I expect to buy my own house?

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    Right now I am a freshman in college. I am 19. I have a boyfriend who I have been with since freshman year of high school, and we did end up going to the same college. I am an accounting major and he is a management major. His dad has a multi-million dollar company that my boyfriend will be working for and eventually taking over upon graduation. We have been talking about the future a lot and decided that we do not want to live in an apartment because we both feel that it is a waste of money and we wanted to both move back home for a year and save to put money down on a house. On average how much does a mortgage/utilities/other bills cost per month? I am just trying to get a sense of things. Also we will both be coming out of college with no much should you put down on a house for first time buyers?

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