how should i take this, and how do i not make it a fight?

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      about a month ago, i got fired from my job… it was a business my fiance’s parents used to own, then sold, keeping only one store for themselves.. the new owners fired me, as well as my fiance… so, due to my new found extra time, my fiance’s parents decided to hire me to cover their store while everyone took a vacation, including my fiance and kids (which i already new i wasnt going, long story, not an issue, not part of the problem).. in anycase, i watched the store for 2 weeks (paid), and picked up my man and the kids last weekend.. now, i told him i would help him out, since his parents are still on vaca and they didnt want to shut down the store at all, so i told him i would help him out and watch the store a few hours a week for the days he has his kids, so he can spend time with them and for a couple hours during the day so he could go for a bike ride… no prob… but there has always been something else he has asked of me that makes me stay in the store longer – monday i told him i’d stay all day so he could get things back in order, since he just came back on sunday, and relax and get over his jet lag.. 11 hours – teusday, he needed to go get his kids at 2, so i came in at 12 with lunch for us, he left – he came back around 3 and i left to get some stuff from my house, came back at 4 – 4 hours – wednesday, he worked from 7-11, i came in, he left to go for a bike ride, and supposedly mow the lawn.. he came back around 5:30 so i could go home… 6.5 hours – yesterday, i came in at 11:30 so he could go get his kids and talk to their mother about a new custody agreement – i stayed till 6… today, i came in at 7am cause he had the kids overnight … he asked me if i could stay till about 11:30 so he could go for a bike ride and go talk to one of the companies that contracts with us, then he’d be back i could leave for about and hour, then he had a meeting to go look at a couple businesses to buy for us.. now, again, i am ok with this because its for us, its not like he’s just out farting around.. but then he gets here at 11 and says he has to go up to somewhere to buy something so he could build the bbq he wants to make on sunday.. but mindyou, this is not for us, its for his parents… and while i am ok with helping them every now and then, i am not getting paid for this, and his parents dont pay my car, rent, or insurance.. mine do.. and thats what i told him,… that i didnt mind helping, but i dont like woking for free all the time.. he said, “you’re not working for free.. you might not be getting a paycheck, but you’re not working for free.” i said, “what do you mean by that?” he says, “dont worry about it..” now, he’s never let me down before nor has he taken advantage of me.. i have been staying at his house (where he currently lives with his parents) for the last week and he feeds me and stuff, but i still do housework clena up and help care for the kids… so i dont see how that counts… what should i do or say? how do i ask him to explain better without him getting upset or thinking i am ungrateful? i just dont understand, feel a bit taken advantage of, but at the same time, i know that i wouldnt have anything else to be doing, and i know that a lot of what he is doing is for us, but a lot of it is for his parents too, and they dont pay my way… so what do i do w/o causing an argument?
      ugh!! forget the whole question – i just talked to him.. if i werent here, he couldnt be going to look at these businesses for us to buy, which i am completely ok with… and the bbq, its for him/us when he moves in with me, again, ok with that.. as long as it has something to do with me, its fine… so we chatted, and its all good.. for those of you hwo actually follow my posts! 🙂 thanks anyway all, i was feeling the same way you were all thinking, till we talked… i always shoot my mouth off on here.. lol

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