How old where you when you bought your first house?

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    I’m considering buying a house, but I’m kinda afraid of being stuck in one place for too long. My parents think that I should and they say even if I move out I can rent it out…. but then I still need to deal with bad tenants… and I dont know if I could handle the stress. So do tell, how old you were .


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    I was 32, but I’ve been on my own since I was 19. If I would have bought a house instead of paying rent all those years, I would be close to owning my house now. I felt the same way you do…I wasn’t sure were I wanted to live, and the thought of committment was really scary. But be wiser than me. If you ever decide you want to move, you can sell. Buying a home is a great investment. RENTING is a big waste!!!!

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    23. I lived in an apartment for 4 years. Saved as much money as I could and put it towrd a down payment of a house. We live in the same house now.

    One thing to keep in mind is if your young/single, if you buy a home that say has one bedroom/bath, what happens if your future spouse moves in your place. However, you can sell then and buy bigger.

    Also the more you spend on rent the more you just throw away and dont have anything to show for it. Buying is better but only if your committed to a mortgage for 30 years!

    There shouldnt be any stress as far as bills because you need to budget. Dont buy too high priced of a house if you cant afford it.

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    28..and glad I did. Got the house for 125,000.00…now (17 years later) it’s worth over 500.000.00…good investment if you can afford it. Yeah..lots of stress, but worth it in the long run.

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    Handling stress has nothing to do with age. Regardless of that…I was 27.

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    I wouldn’t reccomend buying your first house knowing you’ll want to rent it later. Renting is a HUGE obligation and unless you have a substantial savings, dont rent out your house– can you cover a broken water heater and a new roof at the same time? Probably not. Considering you’lre probably buying the home 0 down, it may be hard to rent for more than your mortgage.

    I bought my first house at 20. There were times that was amzing and i was very proud but also times when i wished i had less responsibility and debt.

    I would not reccmend moving from your parents directly to a house– Rent for 6-12 months first.

    There are substantial costs in buying AND selling (closing costs are like 3-5% when you buy and 10% or so when you sell)… so only buy if you think you can commit to a 2-5 year time frame. If you’re thinking a year or two, just rent.

    Definitely give it thought and dowhat you think is right for you.

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    18, 40 ish now and I still have it…

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    I wanted to be free, like you I knew in some way it would tie me down to a place i was not sure I wanted to end up at. I got my first house at 25. I also bought well within my means. A little cabin in Lake Arrowhead. I lived there for a few years but the house is not being used right now. I still do not feel burdened by it. Since it is a little rural house I pay a minimal mortgage on it and rent a big house that is suitable for Myself, my fiance and my two wards.

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    I leasing my place where I live. In today’s world, to have a carrier, you have to be flexible. Save you money. Super rich lease.

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    I was 33. But it is worth it! I would NEVER rent again. No more telling me what I can do with painting and flooring and who I can have over and for how long. Trust me, you’ll love owning.

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