How old were you when you bought your first house?

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      I’ve been doing a lot of research and such on homes. I know what me a my boyfriend will want for home in the future as well as now. Like, i know we want a decent sized backyard for future kids, and at least 3 bedrooms because i want 2-3 kids. three rooms gives room for my two kids to each have a room, and if i do happen to have more kids,or an unusual situation arises, the rooms should be spacious enough to bunk 2 kids together. I know you can’t predict what will happen in your life but i really real like i know what i want in my first home. I know it may not be my forever home, but i am set on trying to get my first home payed off before the kids go to college. so i’m just trying to get an idea of when people tend to buy their first homes. I am about 20 years old. personally i’m not ready to buy a house yet but i think i will definately be ready in 5 years ish. So i was just curious, when did you buy your first home and has it been a struggle for you paying for it?

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