how much can I expect my credit score to improve?

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    My current credit score is 520
    Most of it is medical.
    I have 33 items total. Here is the break down –
    10 are scheduled to “fall off” my report ( 7 year mark )
    5 are less than $100 each and I will pay over the next year.
    1 is an old credit card that was closed in 08, paid off mostly on time – late twice over 37 month period.
    1 is a $500 credit limit with a zero balance.
    1 was a 13k loan, paid off on time (71 payments) late on 2 payments.
    The remaining accounts are all medical bills.

    In addition I plan to get a secured $200 credit card and charge $10 a month which I will pay on time.

    If I do all this about how much will my score go up in a year?

    any answers that ARE NOT Spam?

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