How long does the home buying process take?

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    We were pre-approved a few weeks ago and We made an offer on a house on Dec 24th, the sellers accepted it on the same day,we have signed all the contracts at the real estate office, went to the mortgage company gave them all the info they asked for and signed a ton more papers,gave the earnest money, paid for appraisal today and have the inspection set up for jan 7th. The lady from the title company called me 2 days ago to “introduce” herself and tell me she will be handling things and our closing. We were told we would close on or before the 31st of Jan. That just seems like a million years away right at the moment. Im so afraid something will happen, our mortgage broker keeps telling me we are approved and not worry but I cant help it. How long will this whole process take
    also we have already verification of funds, emloyment verification etc
    the owner was asking 129,900 for the house but wanted it to sell due to the fact they were moving out of state , we offered 113,000 and that they pay full closing costs and they accepted on Dec 24th, they moved to their new home on Dec 26. Our real estate agent said we are going into this house with 16,000 equity

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