How long does it take to build your credit score with a secure credit card?

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    I need to build my credit again and planning on getting a secured credit card. My credit score now is 550 so i would like to raise it up to 700+. Just curious as to how long will it take to build my score up again? How much points does a person gain in a month? Thanks.

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    You need to get a store credit card
    with a small credit limit like:$250 – $500.

    1) Use only 50% of your credit limit, never pass 50%.
    2) Pay on-time everytime! even few days before the due date.
    3) Wait 6 Months, Check your credit score again.

    Good luck.

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    Secured credit cards generally do not report to your credit report.

    There is no way you can predict on how long it will take it to build back up….and something significant had to have happened for your score to be lowered that much.

    As far as how many points per month it will raise, NO ONE can give you that information. Credit scoring methods are propriatory information, and are not published nor made available to the public by the credit repositories that compile the scores.

    I wish you luck.

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    Does that secured card report to a credit bureau? Which one? How often? Most don’t, so if this one doesn’t, it won’t help your credit at all.

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