How long are credit cards good for?

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    I know each credit card has an expiration date. For whatever reason, I am curious how long they are valid for. Like, how many years is a card good for before it expires and you receive a new one? I have never kept track of how long I’ve had one before it expires. Thanks!

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    There’s really no fast way to repair your credit. The best thing you can do is start paying down any loans (car loans, credit cards, etc). Make sure to get the payments in on time, and pay more than the minimum amount due.

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    There really is no way to repair credit the fast can get a credit card, buy small things and put it on the credit card and when the bill comes pay in full.

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    The only way I know of is to get yourself put on someone else’s credit cards that has an excellent rating. Of course, your bad rating will pull theirs down, but if they’re willing to do that for you….

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    First get a copy of your credit report, if you’ve been turned turn recently its free. you can get one there also. Then you need to dispute all the negative items on the report and state the reason why. it could take up to 30 days but if you do it online it just takes a few days. If the negative items are wrong then they must be removed, if they are right then they stay on your report, but you can write an explaination which sometimes helps.

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    Credit CAN be rescored in 1 week if you have valid dispute information. For more information checkout my blog.

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    Depends on contents of the report. I helped already many people with this matter. its part of my

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    Pay the most important bills first and on time…if you pay on time then eventually your credit rating will improve. Don;t just pay the interest because that will get you nowhere.

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    I hope this helps you:

    Step-by-Step Credit Repair Guide

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