How does the Injured Spouse form work?

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      My husband and I are both military. I am Active Duty, he is National Guard. He has been unable to find work all year, so he stays home and takes care of the kids (actively looking for work).
      With some mandatory training, drill weekend and AT, he made about $ 8,000 this year. I, on the other hand, made about $ 26,000.
      Because he’s been out of work, he is about $ 7500 behind on child support (50% of his military pay goes directly to it when he does drill, train, ect.)
      I have no obligation to pay his debt and will not do so. I already provide insurance for his daughter. In addition to her, he has a son that lives with us, I have 2 sons from a previous marriage, and together we have a daughter. So, we have 4 children ranging from 8 weeks old to 10 years old living with us.
      When we file, we will file jointly to maximize our refund. I just did the H&R Block estimator calculator and it says we’ll be getting about $ 9500 back. I plan on filing the Injured Spouse form at the same time I file my return.
      How will they split up the money and determine how much we will actually get back? Is there anyway I can figure this out on my own?
      I forgot, we live in Colorado, not a communal state
      I get that large amount back in taxes every year. We have 4 children and the child tax credit is $ 2500 per child. I have the correct amount on my W4 and I pay no federal taxes. Because I have such a large family, I have no tax liability.

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