how do you deal with a deadbeat relative living in your house?

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      my parents let my uncle move in 4 years ago because he got busted for possession and was either going to live in prison or serve time on the weekend. when he first moved in he didn’t have a job because he spent his weekends doing jail time. during this time, he was allowed to have anything he wanted from the kitchen and didn’t have to contribute to laundry detergent, toilet paper, food, etc.

      after he was put on probation, we moved to a new house and he lives in the basement with a full kitchen. he got a job and started paying us $ 500 in rent per month. this covers a very very small portion of all of the bills that he actually contributes to such as water and electricity. let alone the simple fact that he lives here and has to pay for it. to top it all off however, he STILL helps himself to everything in the kitchen even though he has his own kitchen downstairs. he creeps around at night and goes through our cabinets and the fridge, taking left overs and snacks that I like to have for when I like to have them. he still never buys laundry detergent and he washes clothes. never buys coffee and he drinks it every time it’s made. he never buys toilet paper and well… you know. small things, I know, but they really do get to me.

      I’ve discussed this with my mom (it is her brother) but nothing has changed. I guess if no boundary was put in place to begin with it is too late now. I just have a really hard time dealing with people that are such bums. I work so hard for all that I have and my uncle just helps himself to everything.

      am I being ridiculous? have you ever had to experience this?

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