How do i use a mastercard giftcard online?

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    when i want to use it online is there something special i have to do?

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    it would be best if u went to the giftcard’s website, and registered ur card… That way, when u make a purchase, there wont be any disputes or problems!!!

    Good luck!

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    I totally agree with the first respondent

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    Report this to your bank – they will investigate into the theft – they will have it fixed.

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    You must file a police report . It will take some time and patience . You might need lawyer . I can recommend some advice . Try this service it’s Life Lock . They will protect your identity in the future . No junk mail . Nobody can rip you off ever again . How it works Life Lock will put a fraud alert on the 3 major credit agencies . What that means the issuing creditor can not give credit out unless they notify you immediately until you approve of this line of credit . Trust me it works I could not even get a 2nd phone until the phone company got in touch with me . You give life lock your phone number to verify your credit request if you say no than the credit or utility service is denied The cost of this service is only $ 10 a month . It’s a peace of mind , they will send you latest frauds and scam to your e-mail address . If you do get Life -Lock it will raise you credit score by 20 -30 points

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    go to and dispute all of the fraudulent accounts immediately.

    Go to the police and file a police report and then notify each of the fraudulent accounts that they have been involved in an identity theft issue.

    Send copies of the police report to each credit bureau and each company that owns the fraudulent accounts so that they can coordinate their efforts and get your husbands credit cleared.

    This will not happen overnight…. sorry.

    P.S. You don’t need a service like “lifelock” to freeze your credit files with the credit bureaus. Just contact each credit bureau and ask them to put your account on “freeze”.
    Has the same effect. Nobody can get a new account approved until you lift the freeze.
    No need to pay somebody $ 10 a month when you have the right to get it done for free. Just remember to lift the freeze at least one month before you want to apply for a new account or get a loan.

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    Just get over here: and follow all steps laid out.
    Also and

    It’s all free

    Or just let these people deal with it, they are cheap and worth the money:


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