how do i report an employeer from hell, my husband says i shouldnt but i cant let this go can i? LON

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Buying Your Home Buying Your Home how do i report an employeer from hell, my husband says i shouldnt but i cant let this go can i? LON

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      i know this isnt the right section but i cant get an answer anyhere else

      but i sell insurance( insurance license and all) and i recently started working for a well known brand that is privately owned, Farmers Insurance agency. well i was hired to sell insurance. i was to be a part time producer. in the interview she promised alot and told me i would make a HIGH commission so she would only pay me minimum wage for the 15 office hours i worked.

      well first of all its october 28 and i been working there since sept 17 and i still have not been paid!!! she told me i would be paid on every first of the month, one time a month, on oct 1 she told me that i only worked two weeks and could not get a paycheck for that montha nd that it would be in next months paycheck…so im working all this time without a penny in my pocket……………..and plus she has be doing all her clerical work , leaving me in the office alone with thousands of dollars and making me come in 30 minutes early eeveryt time i work to go to the bank for her, and she has me running back and forth between cities to work in her office in the next town 30 minutes away, and im getting her food and even watched her kid all day and took it to eat when she brought it into the office. I open and close the office. PLUS she sends has us making telemarketing calls from home at night and scheduling business meeting at night and on the weekend!!!!!! and she has me working all the time….i never said anything

      well earler this week i asked her when was i gonna get paid and how was she gonna figure in my commissions..she froze up wouldnt answer me and proceeded to ignore me. when i asked again she changed the subject and never came into the office for the next 3 days and wasnt available by phone when i called

      so i decided to write her an email and ask how was i supposed to figure out my commission and put that into my hours worked so i could give her my time sheets. i also asked if i could work my agreed upon hours that were discussed in the interview.

      in her email back to me she basically told me to turn my key in tomorrow and that she knew this was coming because of my “attitude” and that she will give me my check on november 1 BUT THE FIRST 2 WEEKS I WORKED WONT BE GIVEN TO ME UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST FOR SOME REASON SHE WOULD NOT EXPLAIN…….im so shocked and hurt. ive never been treated like this. how could she say i had some type of attitude when i did everything she asked and more for minmum wage… husband says she got mad because i asked about my pay i want to report her to the insurance commission for illegal practiced( she has her secretaries that are unlicensed in the agency WRITING AND SELLING insurance policies and making commissions on them)…..should i turn her in??? why do u think she turned on me so quick when i asked her a question,

      ps. she also wrote a group email to all the other ten employees in the agency and told them that im not gonna be working there because i complained about my pay and now she cant trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u think she just might be crazy,, shes recently divorced and i am recently married. and when i told her i couldnt do so much extra things for work she told me “WELL SINCE YOU DONT HAVE ANY KIDS YOUR NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS SHOULD BE FREE AND I EXPECT YOU TO BE AT THESE PLACES WHEN I WANT YOU THERE”
      and the HIGH commission that was supposed to be 70 percent ended up being 70 percent of HER initial 10 percent……not 70 percent of the policy as with an other agency. so on top of all this i only get 15-20 dollars on the policies i wrote not the 200 or so im supposed to get. and i think shes lying about that too

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