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      So just a while ago, I started to ride a APHA named Jack.

      His owner and I are really close friends. So about 2 months ago his owner told me I can start riding his horse, Jack. As I rode him around the place I just loved him! Hes a good boy! Then come to find out that he was trained for Reining but then he was too lazy and his old owners did Western Pleasure. And then he became a APHA World Champion at Western Pleasure.

      Well just a while ago his owner offered Jack to me. Which I was completely shocked. At first I thought he was for sale for everyone but then he told me he was only for sale for me. Which I told my mom about him. She knew how much I love him and how good of a boy he is. He is VERY VERY well mannered. Sometimes disrespectful, but I mean hes sort of a baby (about 3 or 4).

      Well I talked to my dad about getting Jack. He said I could have him, but I would have to get rid of my horse now, Chief. Well my mom said we can afford another horse. Its just the question ‘do we really need another horse?’ and I totally agree with her.

      However I don’t think selling is the problem, I think its the hoping that he finds a good home.

      Because I don’t want him to go to an abusive home like his 1st owner or 2nd owner.

      So what I got told was to list the pros and cons about the horse Jack

      *Hes VERY LAZY x)
      *He likes to intimidate you, like when you ask him to go forward by kicking him he ‘acts’ like hes going to bite you. Don’t worry, he has nothing wrong, actually he used to be awful with that.
      *Hes sort of disrespectful
      *He needs a little touch up on his jog and lope
      *And he likes to wonder in the arena and go where he feels like it.

      And thats about it.

      *Very nice and slow, calm, relaxed
      *Was a World Champion
      *He can take me places where I want to go! (showing wise)
      *He has an amazing lope
      *Hes young so I have a lot of time with him
      *He has a lot of show experience
      *He has a nice low head set and easily collects
      *He also pivots from the saddle (since he was trained for reining)
      *He has nice transitions
      -And much more, I’m just starting to ride him.

      So I also was thinking about just leasing out my horse Chief. And what-not.

      So my question was, how did you know that when you got your horse. Like how did you know he was the one? I feel really different around Jack I feel calmer and happier.

      But I just want your opinion. Like I said, we can afford another horse and if we do end up keeping Chief and Jack that’d be awesome, but just incase if I had to get rid of one or the other. Plus, the owner of Jack said I could ride him whenever I want, and I don’t even have to ask.

      All of Jack’s cons can be easily fixed, I’ve done things like that in the past.

      No rude answers! Thanks!

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