How do I improve my credit score from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’?

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    I want to purchase a property with my husband early next year. I have a ‘good’ rating credit score, always pay my credit card in full each month, registered on electrol roll etc etc

    I was wondering what can help improve my credit score?

    I was first thinking of upgrading my credit card from Barclaycard Gold to Barclarycard platinum but I just read an article on moneysavingexpert saying that you may get problems getting another credit card if already with them…

    I could apply for MBNA Platinum or Virgin but I don’t want to get rejected by them as it will leave a bad footprint on my credit report.

    I have done a rough check on moneysavingexpert and those cards were recommended to me but I’m scared to make my score bad.

    Any other tips that can improve it to ‘Excellent’ level. I am doing this (a) to get a better mortgage and (b) as my husband’s credit score is ‘fair’ and still needs to be worked on so I need good points on mine.

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