How do I build my credit score with a credit card?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards How do I build my credit score with a credit card?

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      I have good credit, but I want to increase my score. I’ve been using my credit card for purchases and waiting for the next due to pay the balance in full. For example, the last credit card payment due date was 4/18 and I paid it in full, I have since then used my credit card for other purchases, and I’m planning to wait until the next due date (5/18) to pay my card in full again. Am I building my credit score this way? Or is there another way to do so? Am I getting charged interest on my purchases? Can I just pay my credit card right after my purchase and build my score?

      Thanks in advance!
      Oops, just realized I missed up the due dates. I meant 3/18 and 4/18 respectively.

      Oops okay so what I meant, is that when the next billing cycle comes in, I pay it before the due date. Like after tomorrow, it will show on my account that the payment due date is 5/18, and I’ll probably pay 4/19. Is that the correct way to build credit?
      Just wondering, why shouldn’t I pay my bill before the closing date?

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