How come all these companies get away with screwing the customer every time? From warranties to insu

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      Im sick and tired of all these big companies screwing me every chance they can. Im going to give a lot of examples…
      1. Car insurance — My black fire bird got hit in the quarter panel, made a dent all around the fuel door. The lady who hit mes insurance company’s paying to fix it, but only to bump and paint that panel. Now my paint is not going to match. They might as well paint the panel red… If the paint all matched before shouldn’t they paint the whole car? This is my summer Cruiser I want it to look good!

      2. Detroit Edison – We have a huge tree in our yard next to our shed, also next to power lines that are in IMMENENT danger from this tree that is about to fall. Its leaning at a 45 degree angle and you can see the roots pulling from the ground. It wasent like that last week. We called them and they sent out kappen tree service (does all there tree work around here). They said they will only trim back the branches back far enough from the power lines so it dosent hurt them. They will also be tearing the new lawn all up driving there big truck back there… They left a HUGE mess last time they trimmed a tree in our yard, and left half the tree that we had to deal with… thats another story. This is going to screw up not only the yard, but also our shed, every thing in it, all the lawn mowers and a couple motorcycles by it, tons of stuff. AND the power and cable to a ton of houses north of us. They refuse to cut the whole tree down, called numorus times… They will not take the whole tree down, so we told them fine well you cant trim my tree. So they are not doing anything, they would rather let the tree hit the power lines then take the tree down. So a big FU to them.

      3. Mattress Warehouse (Miller rd. Flint Michigan) — So this burns my a** more than a waist high fire. I bought a $ 800.00 mattress with a 5 year warrentie. Less than one year later I have two big dips in the mattress, so bad that the cats seek that spot to lay in now. I was told by the swindling salesman that if any dips in the mattress, call him and we will get me a new mattress no charge. The thing about the warrentie (that i paid for) that he dident tell me is that if there were any stains on the mattress it voids the warrentie. I just got screwed. (I am filing a small claims suit on them. Im not taking that crap!

      4. Microsoft Xbox red ring problem — I dont even want to get into it… but I will… Lets just say 1-800-4my-xbox is microsofts bean counters direct line. There one red light problem and there three red light problem are both caused by over heating because they are poorly designed. They had such a problem they extended the 1 year warrentie for the 3 light problem to 3 years… But if only one red light shows up too bad for you, the warrentie doesnt cover it then. ITS THE SAME FREAKING THING! Well the bean counter (over in iraq or pakastan or what not) took 4 hours of my life away on the phone over a week of numorous calls getting the run around, talking with the supervisor bean counter, calling back in three days, the this and that, then the rude jerk, then the hanging up on me….. AGGHHH BASTURD BEAN COUNTERS!!! Ill bet you 5 thousand bucks that the Xbox live automatic forced update (internet) makes the three red lights only show up as one red light. That way your screwed. Why else did the one red light problem show up after they extended the warrentie?

      All these were just last week!!! Am I just having a bad week, or does every big company really screw everyone? Isent the Attorney General and the BBB and other big paid goverment companys SUPPOSE to do things about this? Is that not why such organizations exsist? Are they all just getting paid off by these companies? Hmmm that seems very plausable…

      Oh heres one more… Two years ago my parents went to the wedding of the son of there home insurance agent, and long time (childhood) friend of my mothers. While they were at the reception sitting at the table of the agent and all her friends whom are ins. agents, my dad asked agent1 what to do about the tree limb that just fell on the gazebo (very nice wooden gazebo hand made by my dad) asked if he should make a claim. Three other agents at the table said at the same time “Dont do it, they will probally cancel you” WTF! Long time customers paying there insurance every month, never made a claim, finally needs to file a small claim to fix a peice of insurred property and they threaten to cancel there insurance…. This makes me want to burn every insurance company down to the ground, see if they get canceled….

      Why dosent anybody do anything about all these shady warrenties and insurance policys. They all have “clauses” and hidden terms in there fine print designed by bean counters and lawers to screw you “the customer” out of your hard earned money!!! They are NOT there to protect your investments thats for sure!

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