How can I improve my credit score of 685?

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    I have a credit score of 685. It’s pretty good but I would like to improve it. I have a mortgage and a home equity-line of credit that are both payed on time and in good standing. I have 2 Credit cards and 7 store charge cards. The oldest Credit card is only 3 years old. The store charge cards are older. i don’t use them to often but do not want to close them becasue they are my oldest accounts. I have some old/closed CC cards that had some late payments. I also had a collection from an unpaid ticket. That collection was paid off 2 years ago.
    Any tips on what to change: like closing accounts, moving balances around, asking for credit card limit increases?? The most damaging item is that collection. It was payed off in full when I finally learned about it. Can I get the collection agency to remove it or somehow make it look better.???

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