How can I get my Credit Score Up in 3 to 6 months?

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    I have one credit card $600
    I have one car payment $5000 credit score is about 400 because of late credit card payment
    two collections on report
    Any suggestions

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    The amount you could get it up in 3-6 months would not be significant enough to change a creditors views on you. Took me 12 years to get a score of 805 from a 600. All payments on time, 0 collections.

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    just keep up with payments and it will go up slowly

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    Building a good score really is about paying debts and paying them on time.

    To build up your score, contact the two accounts in collections and negotiate a settlement. Get that offer in writing and pay them off.

    Pay down the credit card as much as possible.

    Make sure you stay current on the car loan.

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    Try Viagra, that’ll help get it up!

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