How can I find out my credit score I would get if applying for a mortgage vs. my FICO?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Improve Credit How can I find out my credit score I would get if applying for a mortgage vs. my FICO?

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      I know that the calculations used by lenders for a mortgage differ from Fair Isaac (FICO). I have TrueCredit (by TransUnion) triple credit monitoring which gives me unlimited access to all three of my credit reports (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) AND my FICO scores. I am preparing myself for a refinance and I want to see how I am scoring with the mortgage calculation, since I have improved my scores significantly over the past year when I got my sub-prime mortgage. My one year prepay penalty is coming up in late December and I want to be fully prepared before I start shopping. Also, what ABSOLUTE MINIMUM credit scores do I need, (FICO) and (Mortgage Lender), to be considered for a Prime rate (<7.5%). Thanks for your help, the people that contribute are greatly appreciated and I'm honored for your time and efforts! Keep up the good work!!!
      So I just figured out recently that TransUnion’s TrueCredit scoring use FACO and not a true FICO. I went to each bureau seperately and got my FICO and heres what I found, its astounding:
      TU EXP EQ
      FACO: 637* 596 607
      FICO: 637* 660 678

      *TransUnion only offers this scoring

      I was going off this FACO calculation for over a year! Come to find out I have pretty good credit, and the things I have done to improve it had paid off substantially more than I thought in the past! My Mortgage score was MUCH higher than my FICO when I was applying for my first mortgage. So I now feel that my MORTGAGE SCORE should be in the 700s? Does anyone agree with that? That a middle score of 660 FICO would be at least 700 in Mortgage credit scoring?

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