How can I catch up on our bills and stay caught up?

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      I am looking for a software or online service.. calculator or something to tell me exactly what I need to do to stay caught up in bills, so I dont always have to figure out what I can pay and when.

      I am a stay home mom and my husband was never good with money.

      Now I am in control of the finances and I want this straightened out. Tired of getting foreclosure and shut off notices.. and getting service interruptions.

      Again, I need something simple to help me with budgeting my bills and paying them on time. Or I will contact financial service in our area. Thanks in advance for your reccommendation.
      I do have a bank account and I pay all my bills online that are available to pay online. I have never set up recurring payments in fear that we wont have enough in the bank for the payment to come out.
      Once it came out accidently, I set up recurring payment and my account overdrafted, my bank made the payment
      BUT I had to pay a overdraft fee.

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