How and where can I find a buyer for my house before September?

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      I tried some of the companies which promise to buy houses but no one calls me back. My mortgage is current and I am in no danger of foreclosure. The house is in good shape, in a good neighborhood, taxes are 1600 and two different CMA priced it between 60 and 80K. There was flooding near me in 2006;my house, and the entire block it’s on, did not flood but people don’t know that unless they look at the flood map;it’s also on a busy road. I’d like to move before Sept. when my kid starts school again and a regular person, not a buy houses company, offered me 65K for it but I absolutely can’t afford to let it go for less than 68K since I have to pay off my mortgage and cover expenses to relocate (my reason for wanting to sell in the first place). 68K is dirt cheap because there are many things a person with money could do to improve it’s value and resell (a 3rd bedroom, a pool, a cover for the patio). How and where can I find a buyer for my house before September when school starts?
      House is listed for 72,900 and 68K is my rock bottom. I do have a realtor, which is part of the reason I can’t take less than 68K. I have to pay the mortgage balance the realtor’s percentage and get a place to live(Not selling to be homeless). The house outfits will not get their way. If I can’t sell for 68, I ‘ll have to keep the house and stay here. 65K did not help me because it would have paid the mortgage and realtor and I would have been out on the street with my kid. Yes, it is 68K not 680K. I live in upstate NY in a suburban, ritzi area.

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