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      I am learning very quickly on this forum. I would just like to start by saying thank you to everyone for all the great advice. We have all of our bills on auto pay or bill pay. In the past we have had 2 late pays because of lost statements, been almost 2 years. I am going to list all of my credit cards with balances and*limits. I have done the utitlization on them. I am trying to raise the score and before the forum I thought as long as I didn’t max out the cards and paid on time we would have a great credit score, lol!! Anyway would anyone like to take a stab at what I have done and what they think it will do to my credit score?


      ************************ Limit******* Balance last CR**** What it will be Tuesday**** Utilization

      Mastercard $18,000********** $2967************************** $1230**************************** 7%

      Chase******** $12,000***********$382**************************** $0

      Discover***** $9089************* $0******************************** $0

      Capital One $2,000*********** $85****************************** $0

      Lowes********* $2,900*********** $722**************************** $0

      Kay’s************ $7650************ $279**************************** $150***************************** 2%

      Best buy****** $1270************ $1120**************************$0

      Furniture row $5909********** $0********************************* $0

      Helzberg****** $3000************* $0******************************* $0


      My overall utilization*would be 2.3%. Are they more interested in the overall or each individual card?* I am hovering at 699-702 range and would like to get to 715 so*we can*apply for a mortgage. Can I call the CC and ask them to report right away on the cards that I paid in full? Do they do that? Don’t be shy tell me what you think. Will this get my the 15 points I am looking for?


      Thanks in advance!!

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