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      A month ago there was a fire in the room I am renting (ROI) caused by a candle. I know it was my responsibility but it was a total accident – I left the room for literally 5 mins to use the bathroom and heard outsiders banging on the front door, I walked back into my room (not smelling a bit of smoke) to find my curtains in flames! Shocked as I was I and my housemate gathered buckets of water and put it out. Someone outside had phoned 999. Anyway the damage was minimal, as described by the firemen and my landlord. I was told it was only smoke damage and my locker was a bit burnt at the side. A few of my things were destroyed but I didnt mind, I was sent to hospital and treated there for smoke inhalation so once I was healthy, I was pretty much happy. My landlord promised me I wouldn’t have to put my hand in my pocket, that insurance would sort it. But a few days ago I got a letter from a loss adjusters company and they say they want me to reimburse the cost which is a lot for me (i’m a student), almost 2500euro!! I cant see how it can amount to that much.. I told my landlord and he said he didnt know they would look to me for the money but im thinking maybe hes playing dumb with me. Also, there’s no tenancy agreement so I dunno what to do. Any suggestions please? 🙁

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