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      I am a new member here and I have been reading some of the posts here and they ae very helpful. Here is my dilemma…..I just pulled my FICOs and they are as follows:
      EX-556 TU-525 EX-523….. I am trying to move my scores above 630 and trying to get some baddies removed. I have a CA that I payed off 2 yrs ago and called and asked to have it removed and the CA stated that because I payed it late they would not remove it. It was an old medical bill for $58. I have 2 paid judgements that I want removed and dont know how to get them removed. I have an auto loan that is current and always ontime…had it for the last year. I can’t for the life of me get a secured credit card and I have exhausted every avenue to get one…Ive tried Capital One, First Premier, and a couple of local credit unions. I had previous accounts that were in my chapter 7 BK discharged 5/06. I hit some credit bumps along the way and am now trying control my financial future. Please help!!!!!!!

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