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    I’m writing a 4 page research paper for my English class and please read it give suggestions, fix things and make it sound better please 🙂

    here it is : (Its 2 long I just need help fix half of it.)

    Photos, its where people post a picture of the product they’re selling. EBay sellers have always struggled with photos. Trying to take good photos, figuring out how to get the photos to show up on eBay, and how many photos they need. Every item, doesn’t matter if it’s exactly the same as another, is will get its own photo on eBay. On the other hand Amazon is different. You only get one photo, and one description page, and all sellers use the same page. Usually the first photo posted on a product, everyone will use the same photo. Some sellers don’t like the idea of other sellers using their photos. It’s better to have more photos for your product, so the customers can have a better view and idea of the product. I called eBay win.
    Feedback, basically it’s when buyers and sellers leaves an impression of a transaction. Both sites allow buyers to leave positive and negative comments for sellers. The more positive feedback you have the more people will buy from you and trust you. Amazon buyers can see the seller’s feedback score, and usually tends to overlook it more readily than eBay buyers. Amazon’s A-z Guarantee makes the buyer feel more protected when purchasing an item. I call this a tie.
    Next is average sale price. Amazon buyers have been shown to be more affluent, and are more willing to spend more on similar items. EBay buyers tend to look for bargains, and they are willing to wait through auction to save a few extra money. Throw my research and personal experience I find products on eBay to be much cheaper for Amazon. For example Retail price for an iPhone 3G is $ 300, on Amazon its $ 388 and eBay is $ 200. As you can who is the clear winner eBay.
    Next is community. EBay sellers are very involved with eBay buyers. The transactions can be extremely interactive. EBay have forums where you can share tips and interact with other people on eBay. On the other hand Amazon buyers and sellers rarely interact that’s because Amazon buyer tends to expect high customer service and they don’t expect to have to ask if an item has shipped. eBay wins again.
    Finally is shipping. Shipping is how the seller going to get the item to you, generally they use USP, and USPS. EBay sellers tends to overcharge you for shipping for many reasons like get little extra more money, and try to avoid fees. eBay has starting to punish sellers who charge above average shipping amounts by lowering their visibility in the default search results. They are even giving breaks to sellers who offer free shipping but it also hurts the sellers that cannot afford it. EBay sellers that offers free shipping usually adds the shipping cost to the fixed price for example an product that cost $ 15 + 5 shipping and $ 20 + free shipping. Amazon gives sellers “shipping credits”, based on the item’s category. It usually does not always cover the full shipping amount, but usually does. The amount is fixed by Amazon. You cannot ask for more money from the customer, and even if the shipping credit does not cover your shipping costs, you must ship the item (sucks for the seller). Since the shipping credit is fixed, it can be figured in when setting your price. I say Amazon wins this one.
    Both eBay and Amazon are really big successful company and probably the 2 best online shopping sites out there. People are always debating which site is better. While eBay has more payment methods, more people use it, better community, better price, and better formats. Amazon is also better at other things like return policy and shipping. But overall eBay is the clear winner today.

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