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      Hi there all…

      So, I have a question for*whoever may*have insight…!

      I’m been searching for answer to this question:

      How long will certain actions effect my credit score?* Thus, how long will it take to rebuild…I’ve heard 2 yrs (after bankruptcy, the “walk away from it all,” which DOES NOT make any sense), 3 yrs (after completing credit arbitration), & I’ve heard 7-10 yrs for all of these as well!** OMG…I don’t know who to believe!


      I finally found this site…!** It seems*that maybe*many of you*have gone through what I may need to go thru.*


      I’ve NEVER been late on any account*in my life (I have 10 accounts, I know a lot!) & I’ve thankfully, been able to pay them off 2 different times in my life as well!* I credit score was 729 four yrs ago.* Now my utilization of debt to credit line is very high, thus huring my score.* Also, due to economy & others not able to pay their bills to me…my income is suffering EXTREMELY!* I’ve been taking out of my IRA (I know, HORRIBLE! I don’t have much left now), I’m down-sizing from a large beautiful home w/open space, mtn views*to…a 1 bdrm cottage!* I’m REALLY trying to do the right thing…but soon, I’m looking at not being able to make all my bills next month…& I’m TERRIFIED!** I don’t want to file

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