Hello from Arizona, New member hopefully closing on first home at the end of May

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    I have been lurking here for about 6 months when i first started considering my first home. *This site has been such a wonderful resource and has helped me to not only better understand how credit works but also increase my credit score. *Here’s a little about me, back in 2003 during the wild and free days of credit i was in college, i used and abused my credit and in the end found myself in a hole which i could not get out of. *
    Around 2006 i finally decided that it was time to try and resolve my past debts and have worked to resolve them, even though i know they will stay on my report for a few more years i no longer have to worry about getting a call from them wanting money. *Two years ago i applied for and recieved my first “rebuilder”card through first premier and i know that no one likes them because of the fees and low limits but i had accepted that this was part of the pennace that i had to pay for my previous credit misdeeds. *
    Since that first card i have now have about 6 cards (2 cap one $1250, $750, First national $1750, Orchard $450, Credit One $450, and First premier $250) and while i know that in the coming year after i get my house i am going to close some of them i am still proud of where i have gone in the last two years. *I am using FHA for my loan and have around 1% utilization on my cards (after the mistakes of the past i PIF), i am building my house and the completion date is 5/20 with a purchase price of $146,000. *It has been a long and strange ride which hopefuly will end keys in my hand. *Everything always hinges on the funding and i know that as long as i keep everything in the bubble that it has been in for the last six months i will hopefully be good to go. *
    I also have a question for those few of you who have read this far, i have a realtor but have not really heard anything from them in the last month of construction, as i get closer to my close date and my lender starts gathering information like appriasial and everything else can i expect the realtor to run interference for me or do they just hang out because as of late i have been dealing directly with the LO and the builder, i just feel like the realtor should be the one in charge telling me what i need to do and where i need to go. *Sorry if it is a stupid question but this is my first foray into housing.

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