Have you ever went to the wrong house when going to your house?

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      We live in a neighborhood where all the houses look the same, but anyway. I was going to my moms house because my parents are divorced they live in separate houses, so I was heading down to moms house. Someone was parked on the curb where I normally park but it wasn’t aware to me that where they were parked was where I parked, so I parked infront of the neighbors infront. Got out of the car and went up almost to the door. Stared at the house and was like…

      “This isn;t my house…infact this isn’t my street. I looked ahead…no wait, yes this is.”

      The people who had just bought he house across the street laughed. I felt dumb, haha. So I moved and swerved into moms driveway, which I couldn’t stay there cause that’s where she parks. So I swerved back out and parked on the curb next to some not sold yet house.
      I felt like a retard. Lol.

      Have you ever done that?
      I’ve gone to this house countless of times…and this is the first time I have ever went to the wrong house. My grandma is going to get a kick out of this because when she came down she said how much she’ll get lost when she tries to find our house, she’d end up at some other house. It told her I never done it and guess what, I DID!

      LOL! My dad went into the wrong car, or tried. My dads car and a ladies car was the same, she came out and was like “Umm, I think you have the wrong car.”

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