Has anyone been denied a job as a CPA because of bad credit?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Improve Credit Has anyone been denied a job as a CPA because of bad credit?

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    I have a 550 FICO score. I have worked with the same firm for two years, but they did not run a credit check when they hired me. I’m not trying to make excuses, but the bulk of my credit problems stem from when I was married and on a two year deployment with the National Guard. I had access to phones and computers on my deployment, and I could have done something to prevent the problems but I didn’t.

    I have an interview scheduled with a larger firm who is willing and able to pay me subtantially more than my current firm, and I am almost positive that a credit check will be involved in the hiring process (if I make it that far, of course).

    I know that banks and brokerage firms routinely rescind job offers because of bad credit, but is that the case with public accounting firms as well? Should I not even bother doing the interview, and instead stick with this firm for a couple of more years until I improve my credit? It will be really difficult, because even the HR lady at the other firm said that I am ridiculously underpaid for my position.

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