Guys what's the deal?? (engaged/wedding)?

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    My boyfriend & have been together for 6 years….He’s 23. I’m 22. We bought a house together 5 months ago. But have lived together for 3 years. I thought us moving in together even though he was 20 & I was 19, would move things along fast in us getting engaged & married etc. He bought me a very nice ring for xmas, later to admit he hoped it would buy him time. (a shut up ring) But here we are 3 years later. We picked out a ring. Every ring before that he said was ugly, (even the $ 500 ring) so a year later of payments, its less then $ 100 left on it. He 1 day says its better the store keeps it till he’s ready to ask so it doesn’t get stolen, lost, or damaged at our house. The next day saying “I never want to get married” “being engaged is stupid gets your hopes up for a wedding we can’t afford” We have the location picked out privet wedding at a vineyard. He says he wants to go this summer/fall to talk to them about price & location.
    What’s the deal guys?
    I finally freaked out & told him I don’t want to just throw the ring at me to make me shut up about it. I just want to know he wants things just as much as I do? (to be together forever & start a family at some point)
    We haven’t talked much since…

    I really do love him & want to be with him forever. But I want to be more then just a “girlfriend” a girlfriend is a title to some chick you date & either make her your wife or ditch her for the next 1 that comes down the line.
    At random yesterday he told me he loves me & he’s stupid if he lets me go. Next minute he’s talking to his mom who stopped over making jokes.
    He got me a promise ring when we were together for 6 months ( I was 16.) its so tight 99% of the time I can’t get it off my finger I haven’t worn it since Jan 31st (our 6 year anniversary) because I thought I would be getting a gift then. I told him since I stopped wearing it I have got hit on so much. 1 guy didn’t realize we were together & came over to talk to me with him 5 ft away.

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